Animal Totem – Hummingbird

This animal totem is Hummingbird – Joy

Hummingbird comes into your life to remind you to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, which includes taking time to enjoy yourself. Hummingbird’s medicine is symbolic of taking part in and drawing life’s sweetness to you. He is also asking that you open yourself up to love and lightness in your emotional life. Open your heart and allow yourself to be vulnerable so that love, lightness and joy can enter your life.

Hummingbird is also swift and agile. He may be telling you that you need to change direction in your life; maybe even take a few steps backwards, or just hover in place for a while. He is also asking that you exercise flexibility and lightness in your approach.

Can you be flexible? Can you respond quickly to any given situation? Do you use sensibility? Can you feel every nuance of your emotions, your movement, and your surroundings? Are you able to lighten up your mood? Do you allow for playfulness in your life? Do you allow yourself to feel the joy in the simple things of life?

Crystals to help remind you of Hummingbird’s medicine are:

Participating in Life:



Rose Quartz

Snow Quartz

Opening You Heart:




Pink Calcite

Agility/Change of Direction:


Mookaite Jasper


Rainbow Moonstone

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