Animal Totem – Lizard

This Animal Totem is theLizard – Dreaming

Lizard medicine is about Awareness, Imagination/Creativity, Manifestation and Introspection.

Dreaming is the shadow side of reality where you are able to review your desires before you manifest them physically. The shadow side will help you see your fears, your hopes, or the things that you are resisting, but are always following you around. Nightmares are a sign of inner conflict and they give you a clue to the nature of that conflict.

What Lizard is asking you to do is to pay attention to your dreams. Are you recognizing what your fears are? Are you recognizing what your hopes are? Can you see what you are resisting or what is standing in your way of manifesting what you want? When you experience nightmares are you paying attention to the feeling that the nightmare causes? Imagination is the doorway for all new ideas and creations. Are you opening those doors? If not, what is it that is stopping you? Dreams are a tool for manifestation. Are you using them? Try keeping a dream log and pay attention to symbols or recurring patterns. They will help you with awareness.

Crystals that will help remind you of Lizard and his medicine are:
Tourmalated Quartz
Pink Botswana Agate

Phantom Quartz
Rutilated Quartz
Green Calcite

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