Animal Totem – Lynx

This week’s animal totem is Lynx – Knower of Secrets, Clairvoyance, Invisibility
Lynx is recognized as the silent witness to the hampering of others and foolishness by and in mankind.  He is the wise and silent sage who holds the secret mysteries of Earth and Heavens but never speaks of them unless dictated to do so.  Lynx gets mental pictures of others through gradual, silent observation.  These pictures consist of the things that they have not only hidden from others but from themselves.  Lynx can see through the outer appearances that others may choose to present to the outside world right to the heart of what is hidden.  These pictures are of the fears, the lies, the self-deceptions, the remorse and the treasures hidden within.   He is asking you to pay attention to your higher self and the revelations you receive about others but to only reveal them when asked to do so and with caution in how much you reveal and to never tell anyone other than who is asking.
Lynx is rarely seen by mankind.  He has the power of invisibility that allows him to slip unseen between the planes.  He observes in silence and carries this knowledge to the Elders for them to determine one’s spiritual progress.  Being the silent observer means becoming part of the backdrop or being inconspicuous so that your behavior does not interfere with those that you are observing.  This medicine is developed over time, with diligence and sacrifice.  It is your responsibility to serve as a sounding board, a silent and non-judgmental witness to those around you.  To listen without offering advice until directed to do so.
To your lesson from Lynx’s medicine ask yourself questions like Am I talking too much?  Have I betrayed someone’s trust?  Do I reveal secrets? Have I participated in gossip?  Am I able to listen to someone and be truly interested in what they are saying?  Just keep asking question and if Lynx is here to give you a message you will discover what it is.
Crystals that will help you connect to Lynx’s message are:
Knower of Secrets
Tanzan Aura Quartz
Blue Chalcedony
Black Obsidian

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