Animal Totem – Whale

This Animal totem is the Whale – Record Keeper

Whale is also associated with the Power of Song; Knowledge associated with the voice; the beauty of Movement; Psychic and Telepathic abilities; Wisdom and Inner Depth.

Legend says that Whale was once a land animal who turned to the sea when conditions lead to Lemuria sinking beneath the sea. Whale, seeing all that had happened, carried all the records with him and is the keeper of the records for all eternity.

Whale is asking you to find the power of your song in order to connect with your guides so you can learn your origin and to find your own personal truths in order to know and feel the wisdom of the Universe. Use your song to balance yourself and heal your physical body. Allow your voice to release stress/tension/emotions. You hold all the answers within that you need to survive, grow and claim your destiny. Whale also asks that you tune in to your own creative intuition and allow your creative inspiration to be awakened so that you can add your own color to your outer life. Are you following your intuition? Can you connect to your own personal records? If not, you may need to use other sounds, like drumming, the sounds of nature, the Whale’s songs to enter the state of silence, but you must desire to “know”. In connecting with the Whale’s songs you will connect with the knowledge of the Ancients.

Crystals to help you remember the Whale’s medicine are:

Botswana Agate
Rose Quartz

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