Animal Totems – Skunk

This animal totem is Skunk – Reputation

Skunk medicine is about having your space respected by reputation alone. Skunk is teaching you to “walk your talk” and by doing so you will create a position of strength which will define your reputation. How you carry yourself (your body language) tells others what you believe about yourself. You don’t need to overpower others when your sense of self is intact. By learning to assert yourself, withoutego, you will find that respect will follow. You will find that you will attract like-minded people, while others fade away. Your reputation is your energy flow, your personal medicine that you are showing others. Skunk medicine is teaching you to learn to handle your energy flow and how you do this will bring you either honor or disgrace. What you believe about yourself is your protection and prevents energy leaks.
You are being asked to notice the kind of people that you are attracting. Do they have self-esteem? Are they honorable? Do you respect them? Is their character favorable? Do they “put on airs”? Do they repel others because they are jealous or show their low self-esteem? Do they dump their problems on anyone or everyone? Remember, Skunk attracts like- minded individuals, so what you see in others is what people see in you. Look deeply at your self-image and how others react to it. Learn to balance the cause and effect of your actions and the associated energy flow. Sometimes you may need to “spray” a little energy in order to repel the ones who are not like-minded, while maintaining your right to be. Self- respect is the key to handling any situation.

Crystals to remind you of Skunk’s medicine are:

Tourmalated Quartz
Speak Your Truth:
Aqua Aura
Blue Kyanite
Letting Go of Ego:
Moss Agate
Blue Topaz

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