Colors – Orange

The upbeat energies of orange are a blend of red and yellow energies. The influence of red brings the properties of strength, stamina, vitality and ambition, while yellow contributes energies of cheerful encouragement, confidence, and optimism. Orange is useful in magic related to both physical concerns, such as boosting energy and personal power, and concerns of the mind, such as acquiring needed information, improving memory, or summoning mental agility in a challenging situation.

As a color of sunrise and sunset, orange is both powerful and peaceful, promoting balance and a sense of warmth and well-being. And like the popular fruit that bears its name, orange is sustaining and rejuvenating. Orange is associated with the sacral chakra, which governs creativity, movement, change, and emotions. The vibrations of orange can dispel depression, grief, feelings of abandonment, and other negative emotional energies, and help manage strong emotions. Orange also promotes joy, kindness, happiness, sharing, and an eagerness to have fun. It aids with social communication, and the ability to adapt smoothly to sudden change. Orange is a color of Fire and can be used in solar magic, but its yellow-based energy also links it to the Element of Air. Accordingly, its cardinal direction can be either South or East.

Astrologically, orange is associated with the Sun, the planets Mercury and Mars, and the signs of Leo and Sagittarius. Orange is also a color of the harvest, and can be used in spells to bring forth the positive results of your recent efforts, especially when related to careers, promotions, and business. Orange brings success in legal matters, especially related to investments and to selling property, such as a home. It is also used to call in new opportunities in any of these areas.

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