Divination – Tarot Cards – The Major Arcana – The Moon

We stand on an open road which runs between two towers. On one side stands a dog; on the other, a wolf. From the pool of water before us we see a lobster emerging, a symbol of the first stages of evolution. Above in the sky, a full Moon can be seen rising.


‘I am the Moon, Queen of the Night Sky. When I am in the sky, most creatures are asleep. Thus I rule over their dreams, their fantasies, their nocturnal fears. I represent the instincts of all living creatures. I am the mother, triggering off all kinds of influences as I continue in my orbit around the Earth through the Zodiac. The scene that you see by my light is illuminated by reflected light, taken from the sun. Only your intuition, presentiment and inspiration will prove reliable for seeing through illusions, to spot deceptions and cut through delusions.’


Pisces – mutable sign of Water. Receptivity.


The Moon card can suggest errors, self-deceptions, as well as the unexpected suddenly surfacing along the road of life. The real need to be very practical in all of your plans. The real possibility that you are living in a dream world. Check your dreams; they could well have some important message for you.


Keep your feet on the ground. Don’t let your emotions or imagination run away with you.


Dreams, psychic tuning-in. Sensitive. Mirrors. Reflectors.


Insightful. Memories.


Fears, phobias. Obsessions. Repeat patterns. Addictions.

Heightened Meaning

The Moon card here in your spread is showing that a very important gateway is being flung open for you: on either side of this gateway stand the Gods of Light and Darkness. You are warned to tread carefully here, fellow traveller! Straight is the path and narrow is the way ahead for you on this path. Be not deceived by those around you that are appealing to your emotions, against your better judgement. You must most certainly be ruled by your reason; keep your feet on the ground and try not to be so strongly influenced by your emotion or imagination. Trust only a portion of what you can see and none of what others are suggesting to you. It is a difficult period for you to know your friends and to be able to distinguish between those that are genuinely on your side and those who are merely fair-weather friends. It is not a time for giving up your own personal responsibility. It would be good for you to withdraw from the dark, shady things in which you may well be involved, before your fingers get burned. Look at it this way: if you aren’t sure whether an involvement with someone or something is positive or negative, ask yourself, ‘What good can come from this?’ and then ask yourself the question, ‘What bad can come from this?’ In asking yourself these questions, you will immediately find your answer and then it will be down to you to be guided by that. The spiritual light which you think is burning so brightly at this time could well be misleading you, allowing you to see reflected in the world an illusion of your own hopes and fantasies. Another aspect of the Moon is that it does represent our dreams, our fantasies, our illusions. And our dreams are there to instruct us, to help us learn about ourselves. What could you be doing to help yourself realize your dreams in a practical way? The Moon also signifies the yearning for fulfilment. What is it that you would like to experience in your life which is eluding you at the moment? The Moon is also a traditional symbol of mother, because it brings into being all of the latent aspects of creation in the universe into manifestation. If you are a woman, it might be asking you about how you see your own role as a mother or as a mother at some point in the future. If you are a man, it might be asking you to take a look at your relationship with your own mother and/or your relationship with the mother(s) of your own children. How do you feel about all of this?

Reverse Meaning

In reverse, the Moon signifies a state of confusion brought about by being unable to integrate your newfound faith or spirituality. If you draw this card, you likely feel uncomfortable with the concept or action of imagination. You may be relying on substances for your spiritual growth, too. There may have been signs pointing you in different directions, but you haven’t followed them yet. To heal your current path, you’ll need to proceed carefully. Look inside yourself for answers.


“I acknowledge and let go of insecurities and self-doubt.”

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