Divination – Tarot Cards – The Major Arcana – The Star

A young maiden kneels naked by the side of a small stream, pouring water from two jars, one onto the earth, the other into the water itself. Behind her stand two trees; one is the Tree of Knowledge, the other is the Tree of Life. Above her we see the night sky, with blazing stars shining down.


‘I am the Star of Hope and I am a symbol of that hope which is there after the troubles of the Tower experience have been dealt with. As you can see from this beautiful garden which I inhabit, all around me are conditions of peace and tranquillity. Above my head shine the stars. They represent where we are headed on our long-term evolution. It could be quite a journey, don’t you think? Who knows what adventures await us out there?’


Aquarius – fixed sign of Air. Humanitarian.


The Star in a spread normally shows that powers which have been hidden until now will begin to show themselves. Thus, vital new energies begin to enter in on the equation. New encouragement, new motivation. Help ‘from above’.


Peace, serenity, tranquillity.


Humanitarian endeavours. Live Aid. Environmental preservation. Protection of endangered species. Equal rights.


The banning of cruel sports. International brother/sisterhood. Equal rights. Abolition of torture and vivisection.


Pious talking. Detached attitude. Emotionally cold.

Heightened Meaning

The Star card in your reading is showing you that after the storm there is a peaceful period in which you can now begin to go about making the kinds of changes to your life which recent pressures and tensions have led to. This card is something of a healing influence, suggesting that you have been given a fair amount of teaching recently, and that the spiritual powers that be are now looking down on you and deciding to give you a break. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about yourself and determine where you feel your long-term direction lies. It has been said of this card that it shows a ‘cooling off or a cooling down’ period in a person’s life, and there is something in this. It is as though your life is ‘in between acts’, and you now have the chance to move out of the role of actor or spectator. Nothing is expected of you. Under this set of influences, you are not going to have to be anything which you are not, or even to feel obliged to do anything in particular. It will bring good fortune for you to become more involved in humanitarian ventures. By working in activities designed to help others, you will find your own path opening up. Social-service ventures, working with the underprivileged, or those that have been through emotional trauma, alcoholism or drug addiction, could well be some areas of action which this card is suggesting you take a look at. How could you be of greater service to others less fortunate? How does it make you feel when you have really helped someone? Would you like to experience that feeling more often? What sorts of things might come to you from out of the blue if you did more along those lines?

Reverse Meaning

In reverse, the Star signifies what can happen when the Tower in reverse advances in time: stagnation, waste of time, loss of self-respect, and loss of intuitive potential. If you shut yourself down to the potential for illumination, it’s not surprising that you’ll have likewise shut yourself down to progress and growth. Breathe deeply and believe in yourself as you move forward with this knowledge.


 “I am optimistic about the future.”

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