Divination – Tarot Cards – The Major Arcana – The Tower

A great tower stands against the horizon, being blasted by the elements, but, in particular, by lightning. Against this force, it begins to break apart, and as it does so, people begin to fall from the crumbling edifice into the waves below.


‘I am the Tower, and a symbol of all that is built upon the shifting sands of corruption and repression. For anything that is real or lasting, it must be established on a solid spiritual foundation. So much in your civilization is based on illusory values, and so the historical process repeats itself again and again so that what is built up collapses. By the same token I represent the indomitable quality of the human spirit to rebuild, again and again, after calamity, wars and disasters. So, although nature may sweep our cities under the ocean, or break them with earthquakes and volcanoes, constantly we arise again and rebuild.’


Mars – planet of energy, action, and power.


Having one’s efforts overturned by external influences. The very real need to avoid accrediting the destructive process to ‘the will of God’ and take responsibility to prevent such ruin occurring again. Learn from the past.


The need to build on solid foundations.


Buildings, cities, civilisations. Armies, martial arts. Blacksmiths.


The chance to rebuild in a better way. Necessary surgery.


Unnecessary destruction. Vandalism. Hooliganism. Needless violence. Fear on the streets.

Heightened Meaning

In this card we see a great tower being tested by the forces of nature. It represents everything that you have built up being put to the test. From the financial standpoint, now is most definitely a time for you to conserve resources, almost fanatically. Any kind of excess would work against you under this set of influences. It is vital that you use this period to clear as many debts as possible, karmic as well as financial. It may seem as though people in your life whom you had automatically assumed to be reliable are now proving themselves not to be. You must immediately bypass normal habits and routines, and take control over whatever area of your life has started disfunctioning. Then, handling the situation and removing any danger in it, proceed to reorganize the relevant activity so that the situation is not constantly happening again and again. Now is the time for you to apply your ethics – whatever they may happen to be – and that means examining that area of your life that is going wrong at this time and deciding what is best for you – and the society in which you live – on the basis of the greatest good for the greatest number. Don’t operate from a purely selfish dynamic – remember that others are relying on you for your qualities of leadership to help them get out of this mess as well! What could you be doing in your life at this time that will come to be the foundation of something really positive in the future? What pattern should you be stopping here in the present, i.e. specifically not doing, which will enable you to avoid suffering at some future time period?

Reversed Meaning

This means that The Tower is activated and that the querent needs to hold on until the chaos subsides. The Tower signifies that the concept of illumination may have been frightening or daunting to you. It suggests that you’ve shut yourself up in the tower, rather than broken free from it. Furthermore, concepts of imprisonment and avoidance of responsibility abound when pulling this card. If you do draw the Tower reversed in a reading, remember to release all fear and proceed as bravely and confidently as possible.


“Unexpected events contribute to my inner growth; I will overcome the initial shock and aftermath with passion and resilience.”

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