Grimoire – Animal Ally Spell (Leni-Lenape)

Animal Ally Spell (Leni-Lenape)

Sometimes a more concrete familiar is desired. According to a Leni-Lenape Indian tradition, babies are given a living, tangible animal ally, rather than just an abstract protective spirit. Usually a puppy or kitten is chosen, or some other appropriate companion animal. The animal is treated as a pet and encouraged to be the child’s companion. These pets are not shared:

✨Every child has his or her own. This is a life partnership.

✨Should the animal die, it is perceived as having been a buffer for the child, essentially having taken the “hit” meant for the child, particularly if the child has been threatened by illness or accident.

✨The animal is buried with ceremonies, releasing the child from the relationship.

✨The child is given another pet immediately Should the child die, funeral rituals release the animal from the bond

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