Grimoire – For Calling Your Twin Soul, Known or Unknown


Timing: Fridays

You will need:

  • Six pink candles in a circle
  • A pink or red rose
  • A heatproof dish half filled with soil

The Spell

♦ Before lighting, trace the following sentence with the index finger of your dominant hand on one side of each candle: Come to me, my twin soul, come swiftly and stay with me everlastingly and faithfully.

♦ Light the candle you wrote on first, repeating the words aloud.

♦ Light each candle in turn, repeating the words at each lighting.

♦ Take a petal from the rose, holding it briefly in the flame of the first candle you lit. As it singes, repeat the words again.

♦ Drop the singed petal into the dish.

♦ Burn another petal in each candle in turn, repeating the words and actions.

♦ Drop each singed petal in the dish of soil.

♦ Hold the dish of burned petals above the center of the circle of candles, repeating the words once more.

♦ Blow out the candle circle as fast as you can.

♦ Bury the singed petals outdoors and scatter the remaining petals plucked from the rose.

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