Grimoire – Love – A Hair & Ribbon Braiding Spell to Increase Commitment in a Slow but Loving Relationship

You will need:

  • Seven red ribbons
  • Seven strands of hair from your love’s head (you can get them from a hairbrush or comb)
  • Seven strands of hair from your head

Timing: Friday early morning

The Spell

♦ Hold the seven ribbons together in your nondominant hand, allowing them to blow free.

♦ Pass your other hand over the ribbons seven times clockwise and say: Seven by seven the power I raise, calling love and joyous days, days of lasting love and bliss, sealing love with one sweet kiss.

♦ Braid the ribbons together and wind in the hairs, one of yours knotted with one from your love, repeating the words softly and continuously as you wind and weave.

♦ When you are finished, kiss the ribbon braid and pin it near your heart where it cannot be seen. Repeat the words as you do this.

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