Grimoire – Love – A Seven Day Magnet Spell To Increase Romantic Commitment, Especially Long Distance or Over The Internet

You will need:

  • Two black magnets with positive/negative poles at the ends
  • A red candle
  • Patchouli or any fiery essential oil, such as dragon’s blood
  • A small red drawstring bag

Timing: The hour after sunset for seven days, beginning on a Friday

The Spell

♦ Light the red candle behind the magnets with the poles repelling.

♦ Burn the candle until one-seventh of it has melted down, saying: Friday is the day of love; may my lover ever closer move.

♦ Turn the magnets so that they jump together. Blow out the candle, repeating the words.

♦ Do exactly the same for the next six evenings, separating and then joining the magnets but changing the name to the appropriate day of the week.

♦ On the next Friday put the joined magnets in the drawstring bag, adding three drops of oil, saying: May we never be parted by time, space, or circumstance.

♦ Take the magnets out of the bag every Friday and repeat the spell, anointing them with one drop of oil.

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