Grimoire – Love – A Twin-Ring Spell for A Long-Term Commitment or Marriage, Especially If There are Obstacles or Outside Interference

You will need:

  • Two matching thin gold or silver rings
  • One green candle
  • One bowl of dried basil
  • One green drawstring bag or purse

Timing: The night before the full moon

The Spell

♦ Light the candle, circling the flame three times clockwise with each of the rings in turn, holding them above the flame, saying: Around and around the ring of truth, love in age and love in youth, Love in sickness and in health, love in hardship, love in wealth. Come, my love, and with me stay, stay forever and a day.

♦ Let none come between us.

♦ Blow out the candle and send the light to your love, picturing yourselves exchanging rings.

♦ Keep the rings in the bag under your mattress until your commitment, betrothal, or wedding, when you can wear them on a chain around your neck.

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