Grimoire – Love – An Apple Spell to Get A Long-Term Lover to Show Commitment

You will need:

  • An apple divided almost exactly in half. If your lover does not like apples, find another fruit you can divide in half.
  • A silver-colored knife.

Timing: During the waning moon (also a good time for picking fruit)

The Spell

♦ Wash the fruit under running water, saying: Fruit sweet, as he/she does eat, move [name] to lasting state. Fruit sweet, as he/she does eat, let him/her not hesitate. Fruit sweet, as we do eat, no longer wait to say I do, Me and you, our lifetime through.

♦ At an opportune time, cut the fruit in half and share it with your lover, reciting the words in your mind three times.

♦ Retrieve any leftovers you can and bury them with other fruit either in the ground or in a pot, reciting the words again.

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