Grimoire – Orange Empowerment Bath Spell

Orange Empowerment Bath Spell

Ritual baths are often used for purification, calming, and healing purposes, but you can also use bath magic to promote more masculine energies like confidence and ambition. If you’re facing a challenge or situation that has you feeling uneasy, try this vibration-shifting spell, using orange’s dual energies of peace and strength to dispel negative feelings and help you tap into your personal power. This is a great spell to do the night before an exam, a difficult conversation with a coworker or employer, or any other situation where you need to be both sharp and composed.

You will need:

  • 1 orange candle
  • Other candles for atmosphere (optional)
  • 1-2 tablespoons dried orange peels
  • 3-7 drops orange essential oil


Run a warm bath to begin the ritual. When the tub is full, add the orange essential oil and scatter the dried orange peels over the water.

Light the orange candle and any other atmosphere candles, and turn off any artificial lighting. Gently enter the bath and breathe deeply, allowing the scent of the orange oil to envelop you.

Take a few deep breaths, focusing only on your inhalation and exhalation. Note the shift in your personal energy as you continue to relax. Now imagine the situation or challenge you are wanting to be empowered for.

See yourself speaking and acting in a manner that you are completely satisfied with. Summon whatever it is you want to feel about the situation once it has passed. When you have a strong hold on the feeling, take a deep breath in, and visualize orange light suffusing your entire body.

On the exhale, release your vision and all further thought on the matter. Take some time to enjoy the rest of your bath, and when you’re ready, emerge from the tub, dry off, and gently extinguish the candle(s)

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