Grimoire – Seven-Day Luck Boosting Spell

Seven-Day Luck Boosting Spell

Since ancient times, different cultures have held different beliefs about “luck.” Many believed that the positions of the stars and planets ruled one’s luck, while others petitioned creatures such as fairies and sprites to bring them luck. But whatever the merits of these traditions may be, it has been shown time and time again that approaching life with a positive attitude and a spirit of hopefulness has the most direct impact on our “luckiness” in life. This fun spell harnesses the traditional color of luck while helping you to develop a more deliberate practice of positive thinking in your daily life.

You will need:

✨7 green votive candles

✨7 small slips of paper

✨Green pencil, pen, or marker

✨Small bowl


To prepare for this spell, write seven positive affirmations, one on each slip of paper. You can use the examples provided below, or write your own.

Fold each slip after writing the affirmation, and place them all in the bowl.

Place the seven candles in a row on your table or altar.

On the first morning of the spell, right after you wake up, light a single green candle. Swirl the pieces of paper around in the bowl and choose one at random.

Read the affirmation out loud, and tuck one end of the slip of paper carefully under the lit candle. After a few moments, or when it’s time to leave the house, gently extinguish the candle.

On the second morning, light the first candle again and a new candle, so that you have two green candles lit.

Re-read the affirmation from the first morning, and then choose a new affirmation from the bowl to read aloud today.

Tuck the new affirmation under the new candle, and leave both candles burning for a few moments or until it’s time to leave the house.

Repeat this process for a full seven days. You will be delightfully surprised at how much “luck” you are tapping into as you increase your positive vibrations over the course of the week!

Example positive affirmations:

It is no accident that I am here on this Earth. A million untold things work out for me every single day. I am an excellent manifestor of my dreams. Unexpected miracles happen every day. I am lucky enough to have discovered magic. I am really enjoying this experiment called “life.” I am wide open to the very best of possibilities.

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