Grimoire – Yellow “Study Buddy” Spell

Yellow “Study Buddy” Spell

If you have an important test coming up, a class presentation in which you really need to shine, or even such a burdensome number of class assignments that you don’t know where to start, try this creative, hands-on spell. Yellow’s airy, intellectual energies will physically merge with the academic material you’re working with and bring you into the ultimate “study flow.” Ideally this spell is worked with an actual textbook, folder, or binder that you use for your class, but if this isn’t applicable, you can use any book or other study material as a representation of your task.

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You will need:

✨1 yellow pillar candle

✨Peppermint, clary sage, or bergamot essential oil

✨Several feet of yellow ribbon


✨Textbook or binder


Anoint the candle with the oil as you visualize yourself assimilating new information, sparking new ideas, and moving from task to task with ease. Light the candle and allow the wax to melt for a while until a small pool has gathered.

Meanwhile, wrap a piece of yellow ribbon vertically around the front cover of the textbook or binder. When the wax is ready, cut the ribbon to overlap just a bit and seal the ends of the ribbon together by dripping a small bead of wax on one end.

Repeat this with the back cover of the textbook or binder. Hold the enchanted book or binder in your hands and say the following (or similar) words three times:

“My mind is sharp, focused, and ready. I learn with each new breath.”

Now cut several 8-inch pieces of ribbon that you can then use as bookmarks or placeholders while you are studying. Place the candle, bookmarks, and study materials in your study area and get to work!

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