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What is Ancestor Money?

​Ancestor money has different names including ghost money, spirit money, Joss paper, hell notes (mistranslation), heaven notes etc. Most of them will have the image of the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor is a Higher God in the Taoist pantheon and is considered the deity over all money on earth. Imagine a being that is in charge of every penny that is on earth.  This is the Jade Emperor.  A wise soul would make him an ally!

​Ancestor money looks kind of like toy money.  You can tell it’s not “real” but it still has the elements of spendable currency.  The idea of producing it was to supplement “real” money to give to deceased loved ones.  The concept was that the passed on family members can use this “money” in the afterlife to get things they need.  There is even ancestor clothing, houses, cars, credit cards and more!

​Simply put, ancestor money is paper that you can burn to send into the spirit realm.  This burning ritual at your ancestral altar provides the ancestors with what they need on the “other side”.  Ancestor money also dissolves negative debt karma, usually caused by debt.  According to ancient philosophies, when our ancestors transition with debt, that energy is distributed among the living bloodline.  

Since we are inheriting lifetimes of debt and other karmic lessons through our lineage, it’s imperative that we negate the effects by offering ancestor money​.  From my own experience, I was slowly able to dissolve poverty conscious thoughts and actions.  All from burning Joss paper to my ancestors. What you do for the ancestors, you do for yourself.

​So, what is ancestor money, again?  It’s a tool that allows us to take care of our ancestors, in return, they take care of us.  It is natural for people to look out for others that have their best interest.  Giving offerings and ancestor money makes you someone that the ancestors look at as a CARETAKER….therefore, they’ll take TAKE CARE of you!

Who is The Jade Emperor

On all Hell Bank Notes, you’ll find the image of the Jade Emperor. He is considered to be the god who controls the world?s money. The Jade Emperor is a higher god existing in the Taoist Pantheon. Also known as the Jade Lord, Great Emperor Jade, The Highest Emperor, and so on. At the beginning of time, it was said that the Jade Emperor was an assistant to Yuanshi Tianzun, who was the Divine-Master of the Heavenly-Origin.

Yuanshi Tianzun was the greatest of all, the Supreme Being, the creator and had total control over all of the earth. He was one of the three primordial representatives of the Tao, the three Pure Ones. He singled out the Jade Emperor to be his successor at the time of his death. In Korea, the Jade Emperor is known as Haneullim and as Sakra in the Buddhist community.

What is an Ancestor Altar and how to set one up (Divine Altar Set)

Having an Altar for your ancestors is one of the most important things to do. Many People go from this world to the spiritual world without being aware of the afterlife.?Sometimes, these souls are trapped in the lower dimensions and in these worlds our ancestors need a certain amount of energy and help, this is why you need to burn ancestor money.

The Ancestral Altars serve as a portal or gateway to communicate and transmit energy from you to your ancestors and vice versa.

An ancestral altar serves as a gateway to communication with those who came before us. You can think of an ancestral altar (or sanctuary) as a place where sacrifices are made and your ancestors and the gods are worshipped.

Your ancestral altar is a place where you can talk to your ancestors and ask for advice from them. Creating an altar shows your ancestors that you appreciate and acknowledge their communication.

What Do I Need to Setup My Ancestor Altar?

You can set up an Ancestral Altar even if you have a small room it doesn’t matter how big or small your place is, it’s more important to have an Alter then not having one at all.

You need a place where your altar,? This can be a small table, If you have limited space, you can also use a shelf in a cabinet (make sure you don’t close the door).?Altar cloth (optional). All the other elements of his altar are placed on the altar cloth. For your altar cloth, you want something of a natural fibre that you like.

Adding items that represent each of the four elements (earth, air, fire and water).

The four basic elements (sometimes called “temperaments”) are air, earth, fire and water. When we understand what each element represents, we can assess where our individual strengths and weaknesses lie.


– This element is taken into consideration to be the first element that was born when the universe was created by The Almighty Creator. Fire is credited to cleaning and also transformational powers. It can give heat and make it possible for life, and also it can destroy as well. In the spiritual realm, Fire represents Light as well as in the physical plane, it is the Sun or Flame.


– Water is given cleaning power. It symbolizes dreams, healing, flow, purification, regeneration, stabilization, power, change, fertility, devotion, reception and unconditional love. Water can also symbolize death and rebirth.


– It is connected with the breath and is associated with the power of cleansing. Air represents communication, knowledge, creativity, learning etc… This resource of life can also end up being a destructive power.


– The earth element has cleansing power. It signifies success, fertility, security, order, simplicity, nourishment, imagination, physical wealth, nutrition, solidity, integrity, protection, comprehensibility, intuition, knowledge and self-observation.

Ancestor Money Ritual

I recommend doing this ancestor money ritual after you LIGHT YOUR CANDLE, give your offering (food), and say your prayer(s) or words spoken.  You can burn your ancestor money in a cauldron or fire resistant pot or kettle.


Place a pillared candle on each side of your cauldron.  This serves as a portal. It will look like a number 11 with a cauldron in the middle of the 1’s.

1. Light an ancestor note from your burning candle using your right hand (giving / putting out hand).  While lighting, say “this is for all my ancestors both known and unknown”.  You can also say names of family members or last names.

2. While saying who the ancestor money is for (see step 1), place dollar(s) in the cauldron using your right hand.  You can add more notes at this time while still saying who it’s for.

3. WHILE THE MONEY IS BURNING IN THE CAULDRON, imagine a doorway opening above the fire.  SEE THE DOOR. It should be clear that there is a gateway.  Then SEE your ancestors in this gateway RECEIVING the energy.

4. Maintain the visualization (see step 3) until the flames are gone.  They will burn quickly! The quicker it burns, the better it was received. 

5. Give thanks!  I say “thank you, thank you, thank you.  I love you all”, when I ‘m done with my altar work.

6. Extinguish candles, or you may leave them lit.  This is a personal preference.

Ancestor Money Green Flame

You will normally see a green flame when the note is being burnt which signals that your offering has been accepted by Grand Father Jade Emperor.? The brighter and bigger the green flames are, the more acceptable and happier your ancestor gets. It is a way of the deceased signalling to you that they love what you?re offering or they do not like it. So, always look forward to a big green flame.

Ancestral money is a very special ritual held to heart by many people around the world because it serves as a means through which they can communicate with loved ones. Everyone wants another chance to communicate with a deceased one and the ancestor money ritual is one way that satisfies that want.

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