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Dragons are elementals. This means they do not have all four elements as humans do. They can have earth air fire or water or a combination of any two or three of them. To put them in context:

  • Angels and unicorns are of the element air.
  • Fairies, sylphs and esaks (new elementals recently arrived on Earth from another universe to purify it for the new Golden Age) are air elementals.
  • Goblins, gnomes and elves are earth elementals.
  • Mermaids, undines (water nymphs) and kyhils (more new elementals recently arrived from another universe to purify the Earth for the new Golden Age), are water elementals.
  • Salamanders are fire elementals.
  • Imps, pixies, fauns and many others have more than one element.

All elementals are of the angelic kingdom but have different roles and operate on different frequency bands. It is becoming easier to tune in to their wavelengths as we raise our vibrational level. Dragons, angels, unicorns and nature spirits do not have free will. Only humans have that. The angelic role is to serve God and to help people, animals and the natural world.

Air Elementals

All air elementals inspire you, blow away the old and bring in higher energies. Air dragons are always ready to clear etheric cobwebs from your home or your mind and to create a higher vortex of energy to replace them. They can breathe fire.

Fire Elementals

All fire elementals burn away and transmute lower energies so that the new can come in. Fire dragons are extremely powerful. If you ask they will create an etheric wall of fire round you, your home or your loved ones for protection and to clear energies that impact on you.

Earth Elementals

Earth elementals look after the soil and keep the land clear of lower frequencies. Earth dragons maintain ley lines and clear negative energies under the surface of earth. They can breathe fire.

Water Elementals

Water elementals keep the energy of love flowing. Water dragons are smooth like snakes and they carry the love of the universe wherever they go. Water is everywhere, not just in lakes and oceans but in the atmosphere and in the cells of our bodies. These great open-hearted creatures move fluidly, spreading Christ light throughout the universe. They cannot breathe fire.

Dragons’ Shape

The Intergalactic Council, (a body of 12 mighty beings who take decisions for the evolution of Earth), under guidance from Source, chose the reptilian shape for dragons so that they could easily glide and slide through the dimensions and enter confined spaces that other beings could not access. They have long served in this and other universes and their hearts are so bright with love that they have developed etheric wings. Their wings become more ethereal as their frequency rises.

Tuning in to Dragons

Dragons are part of our ancient history, so knowing them is encoded into our memory banks. Now that the dragons are returning to help us, this memory is becoming stronger in the collective consciousness, so it is becoming easier to tune in to them. The moment you think about a dragon or any ethereal being, it comes to you. So, the more you think or talk about dragons, the closer they are. For many people this trust in the presence of dragons is enough. Tuning in to their wavelength is like finding a radio programme. The more you fine-tune the connection with meditation, visualization, prayer and all kinds of spiritual work, the clearer your communication becomes. I often think people have unrealistic expectations of seeing a dragon in glorious technicolour and clearly hearing what it says. This may be possible for those who are clairvoyant and clairaudient as a result of many lifetimes of spiritual dedication. However, most people just have occasional flashes of seeing and hearing or they have psychic impressions and this is enough. Those who work with claircognizance or knowing will receive downloads and whispers. They have to lower their frequency to see clairvoyantly, so I always suggest that people trust their intuition, for what they receive is perfect for them.

Dragons in the Clouds

Dragons are usually very busy and active but occasionally one may rest in the sky as it watches over a project. As with all beings or objects that are at a different frequency from that of our planet, condensation gathers round it. This is when you see a dragon shape – or an angel, unicorn or flying saucer – in the sky. Even when the being has left, its outline can be seen as a cloud in the sky that gradually disperses.

A Resumé of Dragon History

Here is a brief resumé of the history of the dragons. In the following articles It will expand on their history, their role and how we can work with them to restore our planet to its rightful place in the universe.

  • Dragons were present at Angala, the birth of Earth, and helped with its formation.
  • In the Golden Age of Petranium, the ancient civilization that seeded Africa, dragons worked with crystals to keep the portals to the stars clear so that the people could access stellar wisdom. They ensured water was in the right place for irrigation.
  • In the Golden Age of Mu, the dragons formed the links between Earth, Sirius, Neptune, the Pleiades and Orion and protected the blue-aquamarine flame of wisdom held in the Hollow Centre (an energetic space or cosmic chakra) of each one. The beings of Mu loved the mountains and kept the songs of the mountains in tune. The dragons still protect the mountains and their music.
  • The etheric beings of the Golden Age of Lemuria so loved Earth that at the end of the civilization they created liquid crystals containing the wisdom of the stars. These were specifically intended to help our planet during the period from 2012 to 2032. The dragons helped to place this liquid light into seams in the rock, so that Lemurian crystals could reappear to assist us now.
  • In preparation for the Golden Era of Atlantis, dragons formed the Hill of Poseidon on which the temple that housed the Great Crystal was built. (The Great Crystal held information that high priests and priestesses downloaded to individual temple crystals.) Throughout this era they diligently protected the Great Crystal and kept the people, the continent and the portals to the stars energetically clear. And at the end of Atlantis they were offered promotion to the fifth dimension as a reward for their great service, but they declined because they said humanity would need their help after 2012. This spiritual sacrifice is now being rewarded.
  • When the Temple of Poseidon collapsed and the Great Crystal fell into the centre of the Bermuda Triangle, the water dragons continued to protect it. Not only was it an advanced computer and generator powered by Source energy but it was an intergalactic portal. The dragons guard all beings who travel through the portal.
  • At the current time, more and more high-frequency dragons and intergalactic ones are returning to play their part in the ascension of Earth.

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