Learning Center – Stones – Starting with the Letter “L” – Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz, also known as Oro Verde Quartz, is quartz that has been irradiated to achieve the beautiful Green-Gold-Lemon coloring. The radiation treatment is not toxic in any way, but it does have a high vibration and those who are very sensitive may find it to be too much.  

Use Lemon Quartz as a reminder to count your blessings as well as to usher in new opportunities for abundance. A good luck stone, Lemon Quartz lets you get through a job interview or test/exam with self-assurance. It enables you to think quickly and make faster decisions. It may also bring in money during emergencies.

Physically, Lemon Quartz can ease the cravings for food when on a diet; reduces nicotine cravings; increases metabolism and brain function; encourages a speedy recovery after a prolonged illness or surgery, and helps with diabetes.

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