Learning Center – Stones

A Gift from the Earth

Crystals emerge from deep underground to show us what a magical world we live in. A key concept of magic is the idea of “as above, so below,” meaning that what exists in the physical realm is a reflection of what exists on the higher planes. Crystals can connect us to those higher planes and help us unearth the gems of our gifts and abilities that reveal our hidden potential. Every crystal has an underlying, organized pattern that gives it its unique structure and shape. For instance, Quartz—one of the most widely known crystals—occurs in clusters and individual terminated points with six sides and faces, making it easily recognizable. Other stones, like Jasper, Agate, and those that do not form into crystal points, might not look like crystals, but they are. They are simply microcrystalline: Their crystal structure is too tiny to be seen by the naked eye. (In this book the words crystal and stone will be used interchangeably.) Consider the structure of your life for a moment. Your relationships, career, behaviors, home life, and ideas are based on underlying patterns. Those patterns are established by your experiences, environment, and circumstances. When the patterns become disorganized, outdated, or stagnant, growth is difficult, and you’ll often find yourself stuck in a rut. But when the patterns are elevated, organized, and relevant to your present and future, then your foundation becomes strong and you’re capable of healthy growth and evolution. Crystals provide a perfect energetic blueprint; it’s encoded into their crystalline structure. Working with crystals is metaphysical, or “beyond the physical.” As empathic beings, humans are affected by the energies around them. Think of times when your mood has shifted after being around negative or positive people or situations. Things rub off on us, for better or worse. And therein lies the power of crystals. Because crystal energies are clear, natural, structured, and energizing, we can take on these qualities simply by having them around us. Crystals can help awaken hidden abilities and activate positive qualities that might be lying dormant within us. Crystals have lived under the ground for thousands, if not millions, of years, and their emergence serves as a beautiful example of how to unearth our gifts and talents and bring them into the light. Below you will find the stone directory where you will find each stone with its metaphysical properties. Also in “Differences in Stones”, you will see how to differentiate between stones that are commonly confused to be other stones then what they really are:

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