Magickal Compendium – Grimoire & Magick – The Seven Magickal Weekdays

Learning how to utilize the energies of the magical weekdays can be a real benefit to your spiritual practice. Subsequently, doing so will help you to increase the energetic force of your spell work. Also, knowing the corresponding attributes of each day will help you pick the right day to enhance your spiritual efforts in many other ways. In short, adding this knowledge to your practice will help you manifest your intentions with a more precise focus. 

Each day of the week bares a connection to a specific planet. Also, every magical weekday has a masculine or feminine energy associated with it, a god or goddess, earth elements, stones and crystals, and so on.

When choosing to use these magical energies, first find the magical weekday with the attributes that best suit your efforts. Next, while planning out your working or ritual, look at the different aspects associated with that day that you might be able to incorporate into your efforts. Doing this will significantly improve the potency of your intentions.

Magical Weekday Correspondences


Name Origin – The Sun
Planet – The Sun
Energy – Masculine
Deities – Bridget, Ra, Apollo, and Helios
Colors – Gold and Yellow
Crystals – Topaz, Sun Stone, Amber, Quartz, Diamond, Carnelian, Tigers Eye
Herbs – Marigold, Calendula, Sunflower, Cinnamon, St. John’s Wort, Frankincense
Associations – Success, Prosperity, Fame, Wealth, Promotion, Miracles, Healing, Strength


Name Origin – The Moon
Planet – The Moon
Energy – Feminine
Deities – Luna, Artemis, Diana, Selena, and Thoth
Colors – White, Silver, Pearl, Light Blue, Light Grey
Crystals – Moonstone, Opal, Pearl, Selenite, Aquamarine
Herbs – Willow, Lotus, Chamomile, Catnip, Wintergreen, Mint, Sage, Comfrey
Associations – Intuition, Women’s Mysteries, Fertility, Dreaming, Sleep, Illusion, Femininity, Peace, Spirituality, Justice


Name Origin – Germanic God Tiu
Planet – Mars
Energy – Masculine
Deities – Tiu, Mars, Tiwaz, Lilith, Aries, Morrighan,
Colors – Red, Pink, Orange, Black
Crystals – Bloodstone, Flint, Garnet, Ruby, Rhodonite
Herbs – Holly, Coneflower, Cactus, Thistles, Basi
Associations – War, courage, Rebellion, Success, Strength, Protection, Conflict


Name Origin – Woden’s Day
Planet – Mercury
Energy – Masculine
Deities – Woden, Mercury, Hermes, Lady Fortuna, Odin, Lugh, Athena
Colors – Yellow, Orange, Purple, Magenta
Crystals – Agates, Citrine, Aventurine,
Herbs – Lillies, Lavender, Fern, Aspen, Eucalyptus
Associations – Business, The Arts, Chance, Creativity, Fortune, Debt, Transportation, Wisdom, Healing, Communication, Contracts, Music, Education


Name Origin – Thor Planet – Jupiter
Energy – Masculine
Deities – Thor, Zeus, Jupiter, Juno
Colors – Royal Blue, Green, Purple
Crystals – Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Turquoise, Lepidolite, Sugilite
Herbs – Oak, Cinquefoil, Honeysuckle, Melissa, Clove, Sage
Associations – Honor, Wealth, Healing, Harvest, Prosperity, Abundance, Loyalty, Business, Travel, Merchants, Education


Name Origin – Frigga
Planet – Venus
Energy – Feminine
Deities – Freya, Venus, Aphrodite
Colors – Pink, Grey, White, Aqua
Crystals – Jade, Coral, Rose Quartz, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Coral, Malachite
Herbs – Feverfew, Apple Blossoms, Strawberries, Cardamon, Saffron
Associations – Love, Romance, Passion, Fertility, Birth, Pregnancy, Friendship, Alliances, Grace, Balance, Prosperity


Name Origin – The God Saturn
Planet – Saturn
Energy – Masculine
Deities – Hecate, Saturn
Colors – Black, Grey, Red, Dark Purple
Crystals – Obsidian, Hematite, Apache Tear, Jet, Serpentine
Herbs – Cypress, Mullein, Thyme, Black Poppy Seeds
Associations – Wisdom, Spirituality, Cleansing, Protection, Banishing, Psychic Attack, Self-discipline

Your Magical Weekdays Ahead

As a rule, when you grow in your abilities, you will find a treasure trove of other associations to help aid you in your workings. Once you have the magical weekdays under your belt, your magical world will seem much more vibrant. Therefore, the more you work within the framework of the magical weekdays, the greater your understanding of the great clockwork of magic will become.

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