Magickal Compendium – Supernatural Encounters – Angels/Archangels – Archangel Anael

Name of Planet under rulership:Venus (The Morning and Evening Star, Star of Love).

Planet Name in Hebrew:NVGH.

Hebrew Meaning:From the verb to shine or be bright (fem).

Teaching Angel:Anael.

Also Know As:Anani, Ariel, Hamiel, Hanael, Hananel, Haniel, Khananel, Onoel.

Correct Pronunciation:An-A-EL.

Celestial Title:The Rose Angel.

Tradition – Angel identified in:Jewish and Christian Tradition.

Hebrew Name:Hugah.

Hebrew Letter:Daleth.

Egyptian Name:Osiris and Isis.

Station:Archangel, Planetary and Teaching Angel.

Ruler of:The Second Heaven – Shehaqim.

Guardian Angel of Planet:Tarsishim.

Greek/Roman God of Planet:Aphrodite, Venus, Cupid.

Metal:Copper or Brass.


Hours of Day (Friday) Ruled: 1st and 8th hours of the day. 3rd and 10th hours of the night.

Month Ruled:June. (Some traditions state December – Which we think is incorrect)

Cycle of Results:28 Days.

Orbit:6 Months.

Fixed Stars (Taurus):Algol, Menkar, Caput Med and Pleiades.

Fixed Stars (Libra):Arcturus, Spica and Gienah/Algorab.

Days to Avoid working with Archangel Anael:Saturday. ( Cassiel and Uriel)

Gems:Emerald, Turquoise, Rose Quartz or Lapis Lazuli.

Ritual Candle Colour:Dark Green.

Planetary Colour:Dark Green or Royal Blue.

Harran / Hermetics Colour:Yellow.

Complimentary Colour:Red.

Colour of the Pentacles of Venus:Dark Green.

Astral Colour – Taurus:Red and Yellow.

Astral Colour – Libra:Brown and Black.

Symbol:Seven Pointed Star.

Tarot Card:Empress III.

Planetary Number:6.

Talisman Size/Sides:7.

Numbers of Venus:7, 49, 175, 1225

Magical Note:A.

Direction Ruled:North.


Angelic Thoughtform:Apple.

Fruit:Apples, Blackberry, Black Cherry, Coconut, Cucumber, Fig, Gooseberry, Pomegranate, Strawberry and Tomato.

Tree:Apple, Elder, Eucalyptus or Quince.

Flowers/Herbs:Carnation, Delphiniums, Damiana, Fennel, Groundsel, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Maidenhair, Monkshood, Rose, Tansy, Vervain, Verbena or Willow Herb.

Insects:Caterpillars and Butterflys.

Animals:Rabbit, Dove, Love Birds and Sparrows.

Anatomy Governed:Heart, Genitals, Kidneys, Urinary system, Facial skin,
Bladder, Uterus, Ovaries, Testes, Prostate and Tongue.

River Ruled:Eastern and Northern Rivers.

Letter Composition Taurus:Blue Ink – White Paper.

Letter Composition Libra:Red Ink – Pink Paper.

Magical Script:Passing the Rivers.

Planetary Spirit:Kedemel.

Planetary Intelligence:Hagiel.Olympic Spirit:Hagith.

Demon of the Day: Bechard.  

Related Deities:Akka, Aphrodite, Cupid, Erzulie, Estsamatlehi, Freya, Frigg, Ishtar, Isis, Lalita, Sukra, Mother Godess and Nerthus. 

What does Archangel Anael do for you?

Archangel Haniel is known as the angel of joy. She works to direct people who are searching for fulfillment to God, who is the source of all joy. If you’ve become frustrated or disappointed looking for happiness and coming up short, you can turn to Haniel to develop the kind of relationship with God that will bless you with a truly enjoyable life, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. All you have to do is be alert to signs that Haniel is present.

Experiencing Joy Within

Haniel’s signature way of communicating with people is by giving them a fresh sense of joy within their souls, believers say. In an instant, Haniel can change your mood from one of great hopelessness to one of great joy. Haniel brings harmony and balance wherever she goes and reminds you to find fulfillment from within rather than trying to find happiness from outside yourself. She reminds humans that external joy is fleeting, while the happiness that comes from within is never lost. Haniel “brings emotional freedom, confidence, and inner strength” and “ameliorates emotional turmoil by balancing the emotions.”

Discovering Something You Especially Enjoy Doing

Haniel may be encouraging you when you derive special joy from doing a particular activity, say believers. Haniel brings out hidden talents and helps us to find our true passions.

Finding Joy in Relationships

Another sign of Haniel’s presence is experiencing surges of joy in your relationships with God and other people, believers say. Haniel instills the desire to praise, celebrate, and glorify God in order to reignite the spark of vitality between the human and the divine.

Seeing Green or Turquoise Light

If you see green or turquoise light around you, Haniel may be nearby, believers say. Haniel works within both the green and white angel light rays, which represent healing and prosperity (green) and holiness (white). Haniel’s turquoise light signifies clear perception.

Noticing the Moon

Haniel may also try to send you a sign by drawing your attention to the moon, believers say, since the archangel has a special affinity for the moon.

Incense, Oils, Perfumes and Inks:

General Incense:

Incense 1:Gum BenzoinRed Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Daminia, Myrtle, Clover, Marshmellow Herb, Mint, Ambergris, Coral, Musk, Myrtle, Red Sandalwood, Aloes Wood, Benzoin, Storax, Red or Pink Rose.

Incense 2:AmbergrisRed SandalwoodMuskBenzoinPink Rose, and Myrtle.

Incense 3:Saffron, VerbenaSandalwood and MyrtleIncense 4:Saffron and Verbena.  

Talismanic Incense:MuskRose, Violet, Red Sandalwood and Olive Wood.  

Perfumes: Ingredients:African Violet, Apple Blossom, Almond, Ambergris, Apricot Benzoin, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Lilac, MyrtleMuskRed SandalwoodRose, Strawberry, Vanilla, Violet, Ambergris, or Ligmum Aloes.

Magical Oils:

Annointing Oil:

Base Oil: Olive Oil – Cardamom, Palmrosa, Rose and Yarrow.

Essential Oil:Rose, Herbs of Venus Oil.  

Magical Ink:

Lampblack (soot), Waters (Spring), Ambergris and Gum Arabic.

Related Kabbalistic Correspondences:

Angelic Order:Elohim.

Order of Angels:Gods.

Chief of Angels:Anael. (Grace of God)

Archangel:Anael. – Haniel.

The Angel of Love and Harmony.

Biblical Name of God:Jehovah Tzabaoth

Spiritual Experience:Vision of beauty triumphant.

Sefirothic Form:Beautiful Nude Lady.

Sefira/Sephira:Sephira 7 Netsah, Netzach .

Sephira Meaning:Victory.


Sub Creature:Lynx.


Planet:Nogah (Venus.)




Briatic Correspondence:





Spiritual Experience:Vision of Beauty Triumphant.

Tarot:The four sevens.

Animals:Cat and Raven.

Plants:Rose and Laurel.

Gems:Enerald and Amber.

Perfumes:Rose, Benzoin and Red Sandlewood.

Weapons:Lam and Girdle.

Miscellaneous Information:

Anael Hebrew: “Joy of God” or “Grace of God”, also known as Aniel.He is an Angel in Jewish lore and Angelology, and is often included in lists as being one of the seven archangels. The name Haniel probably derives from Hebrew hana’ah, “joy”, “pleasure” His family seal is a crescent moon with a small dove beneath it. From Hebrew hana’ah means”delight,” “enjoyment” plus el “God.” Haniel (Anael) means “the Grace of God” . He is listed in as one of the 7 Archangels. From a Kabbalistic perspective it is thought that this Angel escorted Enoch (Angel Metatron). 

There is conflicting descriptions of the Archangel Anael some believe that the Archangel is Anael is 5’2″ tall with straight light blond hair and one pair of large cream wings., others an androgynous figure long black hair and with large gray wings approximately 6′ 0″ tall. Some also say that the angel appears as Dressed in emerald green tunic and carrying a lantern. He holds a wand tipped with a pine cone and decorated with multi-coloured ribbons. Archangel Anael is reputed to be the daughter of the Archangel Michael. As hshe is also one of the Angels of creation, this is unlikely as God made all the cration Angels. One of the Angels of Creation, which includes: Anael, Orifel, Zachariel, Samael, Raphael, Gabriel & Michael. Chief of the Order of Principalities and Virtues. Ruler of the Second Heaven and in charge of prayers ascending from the 1st Heaven. The Second Heaven serves as the home of the Garden of Eden. It is also believed that both Paradise and Hell are contained in the second heaven on the “Northern Side” Prince of the Archangels and ruler of the Friday Angels. 

Venus, the jewel of the sky, was once know by ancient astronomers as the morning star and evening star. Early astronomers once thought Venus to be two separate bodies. Venus, which is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, is veiled by thick swirling cloud cover.

Astronomers refer to Venus as Earth’s sister planet. Both are similar in size, mass, density and volume. Both formed about the same time and condensed out of the same nebula. The astronomical symbol for Venus isa Circle above an equal armed cross. The Venus symbol has therefore been adopted to represents femininity, and in Western alchemy stood for the metal copper. Polished copper was used by the ancients to make mirrors, and thus the symbol for Venus has been interpretted to stand for the mirror of the goddess. The Patron Angel of Students, Teachers & Learning. 

Angelic Signature

Anaels Signature

Signs & Symbols Related – Archangel Anael and Venus:

The Empress
The Lovers

The Tarot Card related to the Archangel Anael and the Planet Venus is the Empress (III) and the Lovers (XI):

The Empress signifies the female principle and embodies both the higher and lower aspects of Venus. For the Lovers this card is often mistakenly regarded as being concerned only with love affairs, mainly due to its title, yet it is not a card of love except on the superficial love. …. Putting this symbolism (in the card) together from its mystic aspect, we find that it offers a pictorial clue to an ancient magical system which involves the rites and ceremonies of the angel Metatron who is strongly associated with this card. 

Archangel Anaels Family cresent.

Anael’s family seal consists of a crescent
moon with a small dove beneath it.

Kabbalistic sign of the Archangel AnaelThe Kabbalistic sign of the Archangel Anael.

The sign of the planet Venus

The sign of the planet Venus.

Taken from the Grimoire of Honorius the Great.

The Olympic Spirt: Hagith,

The Olympic Spirt: Hagith, his Character or Sigil.
His powers: Love beauty, transmutation and familiars.

Taken from the Grimoire of Honorius the Great.

The Planetary Spirit of Venus is HAGIEL

The Planetary Spirit of Venus is HAGIEL

The Planetary Demon KEDEMEL

The Planetary Demon KEDEMEL

Planetary Intelligence of venus NAKHIEL

Planetary Intelligence of venus NAKHIEL

Character or Seal of venus

The Charater or Seal of Venus.

Venus and therefore the Archangel Annael is associated with the morning and evening star.

Venus and therefore the Archangel Annael is associated with the morning and evening star. This is in fact the planet Venus which lights our moring and early evening skys.

Here are some ancient symbols for the morning star.

The Kabbalistic sign for the planet Venus

The Kabbalistic sign for the planet Venus has had a number of variations. To the left are some of the alternative symbiols used for the planet in the past.

Archangel and Angels
Puella Taurus

Geomantic Symbol (Taurus).

Amissio Libra

Geomantic Symbol (Libra).

Angels and Archangels
Taurus the Bull

The sign of Taurus – The Bull.

Libra the Scales

The sign of Libra – The Scales.


Hebrew Letter – “Daleth”

The Alchemical Sign for Copper, metal of the planet Venus.

Magical Intentions

Love affairs, friendships and marriage. All artistic matters, drama, the arts and beauty. Venus’s energies are warm, sensuous, and fulfilling. Efforts that involve any type of pleasure, comfort, and luxury, as well as the arts and music work well on his day. As Venus lends its sensuous influences to the energies of this day (Friday), use it for any magical work that deals with matters of the Heart. Romance, Marriage, Sexual Matters, Physical Beauty, Friendship, Strangers and Partnerships.


Love, courtship, marriage, business and personal partnerships, beauty, friendship, harmony, luxury, music, pleasure, scent, sensuality, social affairs, contracts, visual arts, leisure, female sexuality, garden magic, and individual income.

Negative aspects: 

Coldness, isolation and lechery.

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