Magickal Compendium – Supernatural Encounters – Angels/Archangels – Archangel Zadkiel

Name of Planet under rulership:Neptune.

Teaching Angel:Asariel.

Also Know As:Zadkiel.

Correct Pronunciation:AS-ar-re-EL..

Celestial Title:Ruler of the Waves.

Tradition – Angel identified in:Jewish Tradition.

Hebrew Name:Asariel.

Egyptian Name:Nun / Hapi.

Station:Teaching Angel.

Guardian Angel of Planet:Holy living creatures.

Greek/Roman God of Planet:Neptune.



Hours of Day (Thursday) Ruled:All Hours.

Month Ruled:September.

Cycle of Results:Can appear unexpectedly.

Fixed Stars (Pisces):Formalhaut, Markab and Deneb Adige.

Gems:Artificial Pale Green, Emerald and Amethyst.

Ritual Candle Colour:Green or Pale Mauve.

Planetary Colour:Green.

Complimentary Colour:Red.

Colour of the Pentacles of Neptune:Blue-Green.

Astral Colour – Pisces:White – Green.


Tarot Card:Temperance.

Planetary Number:2.

Talisman Size/Sides:7.

Numbers of Neptune:7.

Magical Note:F.

Angelic Thoughtform:Olives.Fruit:Olives, Figs and Nuts.

Tree:Ash, Elm, Pine and Willow.

Flowers/Herbs:Carnation, Heliotrope, Jasmine Berries, Morning Glory, Opium Poppy and Water Lily (Blue). All Sea plants.

Animals:Fish, Dolphin and Stag.

Anatomy Governed:Stomach, Arteries, Liver., Legs and Feet.

River Ruled:Southern River.

Letter Composition – Pisces:Purple Ink – White Paper.

Magical Script:Alphabet of the Magi.

Incense, Oils, Perfumes and Inks:

General Incense:

Incense 1: Aloes Wood, Ash, Aspen, Ambergris, Balm of Gillead, Cedar, Hyssop, Orris Root, Saffron, Poplar Leaves and Storax.  

Talismanic Incense:Ambergris and Frankincense.  

Perfumes:Ambergris, Carnation and Heliotrope.  

Magical Oils: 

Anointing Oil:Clary Sage.

Essential Oil:Base Oil: Olive Oil – Chamomile, Pennyroyal.

Related Astrological Correspondences: Pisces

Related Elemental Correspondences: Water

Related Deities:Neptune, Poseidon and Niord.  

Miscellaneous Information: Asariel (Hebrew) “God is my aid” also the name has been interpreted as “Whom God Has Bound by oath.” Asariel- Appear in green shimmering robes, wearing a crown of seaweed. He is mature in countenance and carry’s a Trident as his astrological symbol. 

One of the twenty-eight angels governing the twenty-eight mansion of the moon. The Patron Angel of Waters.   

Angelic Signature: There is a know Angelic Signature for The Archangel Asariel but this has only been published in private circles.

Signs & Symbols Related – Archangel Asariel and Neptune:

Morning Star
The Hanged man
Kaballistic sign for Neptune
The Moon

The Tarot Card related to the Archangel Asariel and the Planet Neptune is the Hanged Man (XII) and the Moon (XVIII)):

Th Hanged Mannrepresents tials and above all else, self-denial and personal sacrifice. The Moon is he occult inspirer, the Moon represents constructive imagination and the true seer. (The Prediction Book of The Tarot. – page 99 & 116 – Madeline Montalban. Javelin Books UK. 1986.)

Asriels Symbol

Archangel Asariel’s symbol consists seal consists of a crescent
moon with a small dove beneath it.The Kabbalistic sign for the Archangel Asariel and the Planet Neptune.

Acqisitio Geomanttic Symbol for Pisces
Astrological Sign for Pisces
Alternative Neptune symbols

The Kabbalistic sign for the planet Neptune, indicated above right, has had a number of variations. To the left are some of the alternative symbiols used for the planet in the past..Geomantic Symbol (Pisces).  The Astrological Sign for Pisces.

Magical Intentions: 

Spiritual concepts, all matters which are illusionary, unclear, imaginary or unstructured. dreams and psycic impressions. Discerning the non-physical, dreams, visions, psychic powers.


The discovery of truths or rumors. Contact with the dead and spiritualistic matters. Bewitchments, casting illusions, optimism, opportunity, expansion, enlargement and works involving religion, faith and law.

Negative Aspects


How Do I Recognize Archangel Zadkiel?

Zadkiel also helps people remember what’s most important so they can focus on what matters most in their lives. Is Zadkiel trying to communicate with you? Here are some signs of Zadkiel’s presence when he is nearby.

Help Changing Unhealthy Attitudes to Healthy Ones

Zadkiel’s signature sign is helping people renew their minds to let go of negativity and focus on the healthy attitudes that God wants them to enjoy, believers say. In the process, Zadkiel helps empower people to develop confidence, discover and fulfill God’s purposes for their lives, and build healthy relationships with others.

Zadkiel helps one to see the divine essence within, as well as to perceive it within others, thus seeing beyond the fragmented, manufactured, or tormented surface appearance into the divine light that is within. This wonderfully powerful archangel is always there to help us retune our thoughts of negativity and gloom into ones of faith and compassion, which will let in the light, and thus manifest a better world around ourselves. Positive affirmations are one of his ‘tools.’

Zadkiel will work with you to clear away any emotional toxins from your heart to effect emotional healings, which may occur in miraculous ways. He will also remind us to open our hearts and minds in gratitude for all that we have at present, because only when we are grateful for what we have and where we are will the divine source bring even more to us.

This archangel’s position overseeing the planet Jupiter in astrology associates him with an abundance of good attitudes. Zadkiel is the ruler of Jupiter … Because of his association with Jupiter, Zadkiel provides abundance, benevolence, mercy, forgiveness, tolerance, compassion, prosperity, happiness, and good fortune.

It’s often while people are praying when Zadkiel helps them renew their minds. Zadkiel’s role is to assist you (while praying) by steadying your conscious mind, and he also helps you to resist the sudden events and powerful emotions that threaten to undermine your confidence and morale. This happens whenever you feel you are at your ‘wit’s end’ and are going through extreme adversity.

Zadkiel’s help for people to develop diplomacy and tolerance can powerfully heal relationships. Zadkiel inspires us to respect our brothers and sisters no matter how different or radical their views may seem. We are all connected to God’s love. When that is realized, it is much easier to be tolerant and diplomatic.

Zadkiel and angels he supervises work within the purple light ray, which represents mercy and transformation. In that capacity, they can give people the spiritual energy they need to change their lives for the better. When you invoke Archangel Zadkiel, he imbues you with the desire and power to free yourself from your negativity and limitation. If you desire to forgive yourself or others, the angels of the violet ray will intercede and purify the cause of the problem, thus releasing all karma.

Seeing Purple or Blue Light

Since Zadkiel leads the angels whose energy corresponds to the purple light ray, his aura is a deep purplish blue. Believers say that people may see purple or blue light nearby when Zadkiel is trying to communicate with them.

Is the guardian of the Violet Flame of spiritual transformation and healing who teaches trust in God and the benevolence of God brings comfort in our hour of need.

Zadkiel’s aura is a deep indigo blue and the gemstone/crystal that is associated with him is lapis lazuli. By holding this stone above your third eye [chakra] while calling on his assistance you open yourself more fully to the divine source.

Help Remembering Something

Zadkiel may also communicate with people by helping them remember something important, say believers.

Zadkiel is known for his ability to assist humans with memory. If you have the need to remember or are trying to memorize, ask Zadkiel to assist you.

Zadkiel has long been regarded as the ‘angel of memory,’ who can support students and those who need to remember facts and figures.

The most important subject Zadkiel can help people remember is God’s purposes for their lives. Zadkiel’s dual focus upon forgiveness and memory can help you heal emotional pain from your past. The archangel can work with you on releasing old anger or feelings of victimhood so that you can remember and live your divine life purpose. As you ask Zadkiel for emotional healing, he’ll shift your focus away from painful memories and toward the recollection of the beautiful moments of your life.

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