Spirit Animals – Butterfly

The butterfly represents the many stages of life, transformation, shapeshifting, renewal, rebirth, and the dance of joy. The butterfly has long been connected to myth and lore in several different cultures and in religion. Early Christians believed that the butterfly represented the soul. The Hopi Indian tradition had unmarried girls of the Butterfly Clan wear their hair in the shape of butterfly wings, while the ancient Chinese it was a symbol of joy and marital bliss. There has long been an association between the butterfly and the faerie realm. Butterflies that show yellow and black markings are especially connected to the faeries, as Archangel Auriel, overseas nature spirits and the faerie realms, is connected to these colors. Take note, especially if you notice butterflies where veils between dimensions are naturally thin – where earth meets water, where daffodils and iris grow. The butterfly is showing you a connection to the faerie realm and to the spirits of nature.  When the butterfly shows up in your life, ask yourself what stage of transformation are you in, how are you handling it, and how, like the butterfly, can you bloom to be the best version of yourself. There are gemstones that can help you to connect to qualities and traits of the butterfly. 

Labradorite – A stone of transformation, the shimmer of labradorite reflects the dance, the magic, and the joy associated with the movement of the butterfly. This stone helps through change, provides strength, grounds your spiritual energy, and helps to keep your aura clear. 

Citrine – This stone is said to connect with the warmth and energy of the sun. Citrine is a stone of manifestation that transmutes negative energy into a protective environment. Citrine also inspires creativity, abundance, and  joy.

Kunzite – Pure in energy, Kunzite is a stone that promotes joy, inner reflection, and self-love. A good stone, especially for children, when your life is changing and transforming. 

Apophyllite – This is a stone with a high energy vibration that helps to raise your spirits. Apophyllite helps with mental clarity and opening the third eye. Use apophyllite to help with introspection when the butterfly comes to call, as it can help you see the aspects of growth necessary for transformation in your life.  

You can also connect with butterfly energy with other items. Of course, working in the yard and planting items that help sustain your local population and attract them to your yard is one way. You can also wear a pendant or bracelet that has a butterfly charm to help connect your energy to that of the butterfly. Add a gemstone pendant that resonates with butterfly to amplify the energy even more. Photos of butterfly can also help. Simply place it in a familiar spot, including your area at work, or near your favorite spot to sit in your home so you can view it as necessary. 

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