Spirit Beings – Aatxe

Young Bull
Also known as: Aatxegorri (The Young Red Bull)
Origin: Basque (Euskara)

Aatxe is among the spirits in Mari’s entourage. He may be her lover; her enforcer, punishing those who displease her; or he may even be among Mari’s many forms.
Aatxe lives deep within mountain caverns but emerges on stormy nights. (The implication is that he is responsible for these storms; the storms signal his presence and occur when he wishes to emerge, not the other way around.) Aatxe is a guardian spirit. He guards Earth’s riches, especially buried treasure. He is also something of a justice spirit. Disrespectful behavior toward Earth, spirits, and sacred rituals causes him to see red. He also has little patience for lying and cheating. If you encounter him, you must be brave and honest with him, as well as very polite.

Manifestations: His most common manifestation is as a red bull or as a bull whose body is formed from red flames, but he is a master shape-shifter and can theoretically appear in any form. Favored forms have historically included dragon, goat, horse, pig, and man.

Sacred territory: The Pyrenees
Color: Red

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