Stones – Stones & The Five Elements

The Five Elements

Our world is comprised of four primary elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, plus a fifth element, Spirit, which is present in everything and connects the other four. These five elements occur throughout all traditions and have a long history in metaphysical teachings. They each correspond to a different layer of the subtle body (e.g., the mental body, emotional body, and aura). Crystals are primarily associated with the element of Earth—they are literally from the depths of the earth—but different crystals also resonate with secondary elements.

FIRE – The element of Fire corresponds to our etheric body, which is the first energy body above the physical body. The etheric body holds our patterns and is the framework on which our physical body and our identity are built. The etheric body can hold traumas experienced in the physical body, so healing is profound on this level. When you are stuck in a rut, identifying with a negative self-image, or lacking motivation, you likely have blockages in your etheric body. Stones that correspond to Fire like Citrine, Peridot, and Pyrite help rebalance and align this important framework of the self.

WATER – The element of Water relates to the astral body, also known as the emotional body, through which we process our moods and feelings. Our emotional body also governs our digestion and our creativity. Stones like Agates and Rose Quartz correspond to Water and help balance the emotional body, making great heart healers and mood elevators.

AIR – The element of Air corresponds to our mental body, through which we express our thoughts, opinions, and ideas. In the mental body we hold the information that we take in each day. It is where we worry, speculate, get anxious, and overthink. Stones that correspond to Air like Amethyst and Fluorite help clear the mind and keep our brains balanced.

EARTH – The element of Earth corresponds to our physical body, the densest part of the self. The frequency of the physical body is low enough that we can see it with our eyes. It is the element of the final manifestation of energy through the other bodies. Grounding stones like Jasper and Smoky Quartz are great Earth stones that can help us not only energetically but physically as well, amplifying the strength of our physical body’s ability to heal.

SPIRIT – The element of Spirit corresponds to our spiritual body through which we connect to our highest self. Clear Quartz is a stone that is ruled by the element of Spirit. When we are aligned with our spiritual body, we can perform as the best version of ourselves. It is also through the spiritual body that we come closer to achieving an understanding of the Divine.

Caring for Crystals

Crystals are delicate and therefore need to be handled with care. They also benefit from regular cleaning, both physically and energetically. Physical cleaning removes dust and body oils, while energetic clearing can remove any negative frequencies the stones may have picked up. For physical cleaning, the old standard method of soaking crystals in saltwater is no longer recommended, as salt is a corrosive mineral and can damage your crystal. Also, soaked crystals can take water into their crevices. This can cause them to develop rust if they have any iron content. Beautiful clear stones can develop brown streaks of rust after being soaked in water. Not what you want! The best method is to wash the stones gently under running water and immediately dry them with a soft towel. Some stones should never be placed in water because they are soft or can rust. These include Angelite, Selenite, Malachite, Pyrite, and Chrysocolla. Luckily there are plenty of other ways to clean and charge crystals using the four other elements:

AIR – Diffuses and disperses negative ideas, conversations, and thoughts.

•Smudge crystals with incense, sage, palo santo (holy wood), or cedar.

•Perform a sound bath with singing bowls, rattles, or bells.

•Use feathers and fans to generate wind and “air out” any stagnant energy.

EARTH – Draws off and absorbs feelings of heaviness.

•Lay crystals gently on top of a bed of coarse salt on a plate or in a shallow bowl.

•Place crystals on a bed of herbs, such as lavender, sage, or eucalyptus.

•Use other stones—such as Kyanite, Selenite, and Himalayan Salt—to clear your stones. (Place your crystals right on top of a clearing stone or pass the clearing crystal over your stone in a sweeping motion.)

FIRE – Transmutes old outdated energy and clears old patterns.

•Place the crystal in candlelight.

•Lay your stone in sunlight for 20-30 minutes. (Do not leave Kunzite, Amethyst, Fluorite, or Rose Quartz in direct sun.)

WATER – Dissolves and dilutes negative feelings and emotional blocks.

•Bathe crystals in streams or creeks.

•Dip your stone into a snowbank.

•Moonbath: Since the Moon affects the bodies of water upon the earth, a Moonbath is an effective way to clear and charge your crystals. You can place them outside overnight or leave them on a windowsill.

SPIRIT – Brings anything out of balance back to center.

•Violet Flame Visualization: Imagine a purifying violet fire surrounding the stone and clearing away any energetic debris.

•Set an intention or affirmation.

•Place the crystals in a geometric pattern or mandala.

•Take the crystals to your sacred places, such as temples, churches, or nature.

•Perform Reiki or other healing modalities where energy is directed by the palms of the hands.

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