Stones – Talismanic Vs. Healing Stones


Crystals that are used on altars, for protection, or placed in the home or on crystal grids are talismanic stones. A talisman is an object that has been ceremonially charged with a specific intention as opposed to healing stones to place on the body.

Crystals cut into hearts and animal shapes are crystal talismans.

Tumblestones, flat pieces, palm stones, and raw crystals work better as healing crystals. These work directly on the physical body by aligning our frequencies with those that are healthy and have high vibrations. They can be carried in a pocket. (Some people even like to place them in their bra.)

Crystals can also be wire wrapped and made into pendants. This is a good way to keep them close to your body, and you can even use a length of chain so they’ll hang right over the appropriate chakra. Crystal jewelry may be either healing or talismanic, or both.

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