The Cavern Shop – Fresh Paws of Bel-Air


🎉👑The Enchanted Realm is looking for Magickal Familiar ambassadors! Come on in and show off your Familiars with their magickal Enchanted Gems apparel! If you are interested in your Familiar being posted here in The Enchanted Realm, just send me a message through the Live Chat on the bottom of this page. 🎉👑

Below you will find all Enchanted Gems in the form of Pet Accessories that are looking for their forever home ❤

💝🙏 Here in the Fresh Paws of Bel-Air, all the Magickal Familiars give a portion of your Adoption Fee to shelters near and far to help out the other Magickal Creatures with food, toys, apparel, blankets and LOTS OF TREATS! Thank you so much for your support!

Adopted Enchanted Gems

Below are all the foster homes that are currently empty of Enchanted Gems as they have all found homes!

When new Enchanted Gems arrive in their foster homes, you will find them above this section. Looking for a custom Enchanted Gem tailored to you? In every foster home you will find a slideshow of the Enchanted Gems that have been adopted.

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