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Angels are messengers from God who help all areas of life of those of us on the physical plane. They hold no judgements, love unconditionally and see the good in all of us. While many people eschew many parts of metaphysical beliefs, angels are the exception to that rule. Angels are seen in practically every organized religion, yet you don’t have to hold dogmatic religious beliefs to appreciate the presence of angels. And although spirit guides and angels both help us here on earth, angels differ from spirit guides in that, angels have never had a physical existence, whereas our spirit guides have. Angels protect us when needed, help us when asked, but will not interfere with our free will. To connect with your angels you need simply to say it, think it, write it, visualize what you want, or say an affirmation expressing your gratitude for their help. 


• Spiritual being, divine messenger
• Have never lived a physcial incarnation
• Protector (See also archangel; guardian angel)


• High-ranking angels (overseers of guardian angels) found in many major religions and spiritual philosophies
• Messengers of the divine:
• Helpers to those of us on the physical plane

Archangel Names

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