The Minor Arcana – Suit of Cups

Other Names: Chalices, Grails, Cauldrons, Hearts, Vessels

Meaning: Matters that deal with emotions and subconscious, dreams, and creativity. The tarot suit of cups represent your emotions, feelings, your subconscious, intuition and psychic ability. They deal with love affairs, all relationships, inner expression, your reactions or responses and the pursuit of happiness. Generally passive and often introverted; creativity through expression are some of the traits of this suit. Careers are usually in the arts or creative pursuits, they are poets, painters, florists and designers, nurses, social workers and caregivers. Cups people are happy in the background doing their own thing, though they are often actors distinguishing the limelight from private time like no others.

Element: Water

Zodiacs: Scorpion, Pieces, and Cancer

Attributes: Passive, female; cold and wet

Direction: East

Season: Pagan – Autumn, Esoteric – Summer

Self: Emotions, love, receptivity

Jungian Function: Feeling

Body Part: Heart

Qabbalistic World: Briah – the Creative World

  1. One of Cups
  2. Two of Cups
  3. Three of Cups
  4. Four of Cups
  5. Five of Cups
  6. Six of Cups
  7. Seven of Cups
  8. Eight of Cups
  9. Nine of Cups
  10. Ten of Cups
  11. Page of Cups
  12. Knight of Cups
  13. Queen of Cups
  14. King of Cups

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