Enchanted Parcel Owl Mail

Welcome to the Enchanted Realm’s Owl Mail section! 🦉📮

Whether you are a newcomer to The Enchanted realm or a returning adopter, You will notice in your Enchanted Parcel there is Owl Mail!!!

The Enchanted Realm is all about helping other’s heal themselves with Mother Earth’s gifts, so i wanted to give back to Mother Earth by reducing my Carbon Imprint! Did you know that just ONE piece of paper has a carbon footprint (greenhouse gasses that affect our ozone layer) of 6,000kg (from energy required to create the paper and dispose of it), not to mention all the deforestation that happens when paper is made which causes animals to lose their homes (many of which are endangered species or have/will become because of deforestation) and also causes us to have less cleaner air as our beautiful tree friends make our air breathable! Also it takes about 2 to 6 weeks just for that one piece of paper to break down at a landfill. By that time more paper has accumulated which usually leads to our animals, including sea life to be affected by it. This is why The Enchanted Realm has upgraded from Enchanted Scrolls to Owl Mail ❤ All packaging used to keep your Enchanted Gems safe in transit will be made of recyclable/biodegradable paper or some other type of recyclable materials as that way i can give back my own way to Mother Earth and all her residents 🙏❤

The wizards have sent their owl to put your letter from the Enchanted Realm in your parcel. Aside from a personal thank you note, inside your letter you will find a QR code & a password that is tailored especially to you and only you. This QR Code will lead you to your own personal page here in the Enchanted Realm where you will find information on your Adopted Enchanted Gems, including detailed information for everything inside your Enchanted Parcel. You will receive a specially made QR Code & Password for each of your Enchanted Parcels so don’t lose your Owl Mail letters!

Instructions for QR Code:

  • Open your camera app.
  • Put camera on QR Code, it will automatically scan itself and a link will pop up.
  • Click on the link and you will be directed to your personal page for your Enchanted Parcel.
  • Enter the password provided in your Owl Mail letter, you will only have to enter this password one time and your page will be open to you and only you, in the future.

If you do not want to use your QR Code to go to your page, don’t have that feature available on your mobile phone, or if you have misplaced your QR Code, below you will find your personally made pages. They are all set as private so no one can see your page. You will only be able to get entry to your page with the password in your Owl Mail letter, which you will only have to enter once.

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