Welcome to The Enchanted Realm’s Grimoire!

Here you will find everything from love rituals to spells to combat those who play mind games at work, from selling your home fast and profitably to making money from your long-hidden creative talents, from removing nasty spirits to countering the intentions of those who are jealous of you and wish you ill, from old Egyptian rites made new to modern computer spells. The terms rituals and spells are used interchangeably, since both, in essence, mean following a formula to achieve a particular aim. Each spell will tell you what you will need to carry it out or cast it—all simple materials you’ll find in your kitchen cupboards, the garden, the supermarket, or online; the best time to cast the spell; and step-by-step instructions to guide you from the beginning to the days and weeks after the spell to ensure that the spell’s effects last. If a spell does not feel quite right for your circumstances or you cannot get a particular ingredient, crystal, or candle color, then make substitutes to fit with your lifestyle and needs. Spells are templates, formats to guide you; they are not written in stone. So change the words and actions until they feel right for you. We all possess the innate powers to work magick. If in doubt, white will substitute for any color, clear quartz for any crystal, and lavender for any fragrance. Each spell follows sound magical practices, harms no one, and if it is banishing something or someone destructive from your life or the life of a loved one, will remove or bind the bad behavior or danger caused to you or your loved ones without hurting the perpetrator. Such justice is for karma, though, sometimes by showing people in their true light, earthly justice will swiftly follow. Use the different sections below to find exactly the right spell. After a short time, you will notice that your personally created spells, will come quite naturally into your mind, and you are creating your own magick. Above all, enjoy magick and don’t worry if you go counterclockwise instead of clockwise or a candle won’t light. True magick comes from the heart, soul, and mind, and if you work with good intentions and the spell really matters to you, there is no wizard in the sky to mark you on a scale of 1 to 10.


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