Spirit Beings – Gaia


Also known as: Ge (as in geology or geography)

Origin: Greece

Gaia is Earth and Gaia is the Goddess. In the beginning, before anything existed, there was Chaos; the void. Gaia, the Earth, emerged from Chaos and formed the sea (Pontus) and the sky (Uranus) from her own body. Thus begins an ancient Greek creation saga. It is the point from which virtually every general Greek mythology book begins.

• Hesiod’s version of Creation skips right over the part with Chaos and starts with Gaia.

• Gaia is praised in the Homeric Hymns to Ge as the oldest of divinities.

Gaia and Uranus become lovers and generate more beings (the Titans and Cyclopes, for instance). Following their separation, Gaia begat more children with Pontus. Gaia is literally the Earth: you can stand on her, but she is an active goddess with a personality, too. She is not a goddess of agriculture (that’s Demeter). Instead she is the spirit of the wild, sacred Earth containing untold treasure and potential. Gaia is devoted to all her children, accepting them as they are, unlike the many fathers (Uranus, Kronos, Zeus) of Greek mythology who prey upon their heirs and seek to suppress them. Gaia battles with gods on behalf of her children.

This mythic Gaia is based on the cosmologies of Greece and southern Italy, regions highly prone to earthquakes, where Earth is experienced as an active, living presence. She is not static or motionless but very much alive. Earthquakes may be perceived as expressions of divine anger, but they also physically resemble birthing contractions. Gaia is an ever-present spirit of justice. She is never absent. Greek citizens swore public oaths to her. Shrines were dedicated to her; they were built near deep chasms, believed to be the most accessible place to communicate with her. Her shrines were associated with oracles such as those at Delphi, Athens, and Aegae (Macedonia).

Delphi was the most famous oracle of the ancient world: Gaia’s priestesses, known as pythonesses, prophesied after inhaling vapors emerging from a fissure in Gaia. Essentially, they spoke directly with her. The oracular spirit Apollo staged a coup, slaying the shrine’s sacred serpent and installing himself as deity in charge. However, even after Delphi was rededicated to Apollo, the pythoness began her formal address to the deities with the words, “First in my prayer before all other deities, I call on Earth, primeval prophetess.” The Greek-influenced Russian Church officially places Gaia under the dominion of the Creator.

According to a Russian folk legend, Gaia complained bitterly to the Creator about the pain humanity causes her. The Creator advised her not to cry as “in the end, you’ll eat them all.”

Why Connect with the Universe?

When you are connected with Mother Gaia and the universe, many benefits come into your life. The most important use of being connected with nature is being aware of the material and spiritual reality around you. Benefits of connecting with the Universe are many, but I am going to explain the ones I have found the most useful for below. You can find your weakness and work to strengthen it with the crystal that you bond with.

· Remain Grounded
The most important benefit of connecting with mother Gaia is how she grounds you. All your excess thoughts and negativity that is making you unstable will vanish from the moment she touches you. If you want to think positive, the battle against the stress and radiation we survive in, you need the helping hand of Mother Gaia.

· Be on the Path to Destiny
When you’re connected to Mother Gaia, you are on the path to your purpose of life. Mother Gaia gives you visions and guidance to find your meaning of life. She will support and strengthen you to overcome the hurdles in your path and get closer to the enlightenment your soul is looking for.

· Meet the Spirits of Flora and Fauna
If you’re a nature lover like me, you’ve wanted to talk with trees. Or better yet, imagined trees and flowers talking to you. I have, just to visualize the logicality of it and it felt great. But, after connecting with Gaia, I can communicate non-verbally to the tree spirits, flower spirits and even the animals around me.

· Blessings of Mother Gaia
Do you want to get rid of the rotten luck in your life? You need the anointing of Mother Gaia. She can make you lucky and attract the right opportunities into your life. Gaia is Mother Earth. With her blessings, you will find the wind, water, air and heavens work in your favor. Rain will not give you fever and snow will not block your ways!

· Attain Peace and Transcendence
Connecting with Mother Gaia also means connecting with the rest of the universe because she was the first creation of life. When you communicate and blend into Gaia energy, you will find enlightenment and heavens your physical body can’t reach to. You will go beyond this world, into the stars and the heart of the universe to the beginning of creation to the end of the world.

· Find the Hidden Treasures
Have you ever found as though you were rewarded by nature? Once when I revived a dying plant for a week in my teenage, I found my favorite type of mangos the same week. I think Mother Gaia knows everything you do. So, I do my best to revive dying plants now and I’m surprised that every time I find my favorite mangoes, even off-season. It’s miraculous what Goddess Gaia can do!

· Heal Yourself
If you’re suffering from physical disease or disorder, Mother Gaia can help you heal your body and mind. As Gaia is the origin of life, she has all the answers to every problem and ailment. She will help to repair your body and mind with expertise.

What happens when you’re disconnected with the universe?

From never-ending misery to bad luck and accidents, chaos occurs when you’re disconnected from the universe. It is important for balance, sanity, awareness, and enlightenment too. When you’re not connected to Mother Gaia, everything will feel dull and unfulfilling.

Sacred site: Earth is her body; all of Gaia is sacred, but her place of utmost power is Delphi, her navel chakra.

Offerings: Traditionally Gaia was given simple primeval foods like barley cakes and honey, as well as libations of pure water; offerings may be given at any time but are especially important before plants are gathered or when there is to be digging and extraction; place offerings in small holes directly in Earth.

Stones: Prehnite, Aragonite & Peridot

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